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The Terror

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The Terror

Published 1963

A young officer in Napoleon's army pursues a mysterious woman to the castle of an elderly Baron where he discovers that she is the pawn of an old witch bent on driving the Baron to suicide.

Run time 01:19:03
Producer Roger Corman
Audio/Visual Mono, Color
Contact Information


Directed by
Roger Corman
Francis Ford Coppola (uncredited)
Monte Hellman (uncredited)
Jack Hill (uncredited)
Jack Nicholson (uncredited)

Writing credits
Leo Gordon (screenplay) and
Jack Hill (screenplay)

Roger Corman uncredited

Cast (in credits order) verified as complete
Boris Karloff .... Baron Victor Frederick Von Leppe
Jack Nicholson .... Lt. Andre Duvalier
Sandra Knight .... Helene/Ghost of Ilsa The Baroness Von Leppe
Dick Miller .... Stefan (as Richard Miller)
Dorothy Neumann .... Katrina, Witch/Eric's Mother
Jonathan Haze .... Gustaf
rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Rick Dean
Wayne Grace .... (uncredited)

Produced by
Francis Ford Coppola .... associate producer (as Francis Coppola)
Roger Corman .... producer
Harvey Jacobson .... executive producer

Original Music by
Ronald Stein
Les Baxter (uncredited)

Cinematography by
John M. Nickolaus Jr. (director of photography) (as John Nicholaus)

Film Editing by
Stuart O'Brien

Art Direction by
Daniel Haller

Set Decoration by
Harry Reif (as Harold Reif)

Costume Design by
Marjorie Corso

Production Management
Jack Bohrer .... production manager

Second Unit Director or Assistant Director
Paul Rapp .... assistant director
Francis Ford Coppola .... second unit director (uncredited)

Art Department
Richard M. Rubin .... property master (as Richard Rubin)

Sound Department
John L. Bury .... sound (as John Bury)

Other crew
Monte Hellman .... location director
Paul Julian .... titles
Ronald Stein .... conductor
Donald Shebib .... assistant editor (uncredited)


Reviewer: GapOkie - favoritefavorite - July 28, 2011
Subject: Get this hi-res version
The Terror (Widescreen 720p HD)

Not nearly as good as 'Little Shop of Horrors'.
Reviewer: Katusekino | Rooftop Cinema - - June 23, 2010
Subject: Urgent Help requested
Dear uploader of this classic flick,

Writing to you with request for help in our Rooftop Cinema project.

We plan to screen this classic under Roger Corman Retrospective in July 2010 in the summer outdoor cinema in Tallinn, Estonia.

As we have w20m x h13m outdoor cinema screen and 15000 ANSI digital Christies projector we would need maximum quality from the screened film´s digital file. The current mpeg2 file most likely remains little lo-fi for our resolution capacity.

We would like to request from the uploader of this movie to Internet Archive if it would be possible to provide us with UNCOMPRESSED AVI or QUICKTIME FILE as high quality video as possible?

If you would be able to share the file, please contact me directly: aivar [at] or skype aivarlaan

Looking for any feedback as soon as possible,

Thank you very much in advance,
best rgds,

Aivar Laan
Program Director | Partner
Rooftop Cinema
Reviewer: 1StepBeyond - favoritefavoritefavorite - October 13, 2009
Subject: Roger Corman directs another one
Jack Nicholson is only 26 years old but already has the classic slanted forehead line. This campy horror film is actually good because of the professionalism of Boris Karloff, by this time he was probably sick and obviously in bodily pain, evidenced by his arthritic walk, and the ability of Jack Nicholson to deliver serious attention to getting his lines right. Jack is reined in by youth and inexperience. In later films he shows the tendency to add to the scene in unique and unexpected ways.
Reviewer: human - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - June 11, 2008
Subject: One of my all-time favorite b-movies
This has always been one of my favorites. it's got great sets, It's moody, it's got a mysterious woman, it's got Boris Karloff, it's got Jack Nicholson, the plot is a little thin and doesn't always hang together that well, but it's still plenty of fun.
Reviewer: flapfrog - favoritefavoritefavorite - October 24, 2007
Subject: The Terror
Reviewer: PSUEDOINTELLECTUAL - - July 24, 2007
Subject: Like you?
So how was your class in "Film Criticism 101",you pompous twit?
Reviewer: Shadows_Girl - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 24, 2007
I seems like some people take a course in college and then think they're Rex Reed (only without his sense of humor).

It saddens me to watch people straight out of
"Film Criticism 101" trying to say something sophisticated and intellectual about a Roger Corman movie. They aren't FOR that. What they WERE was fun. They were Drive-In Movie (see my review of "The Creature From the Haunted Sea" for an explanation of THAT culture) And, alternatively, Saturday Kiddie Matinee at the walk-in fare. What they were FOR was sheer entertainment.

OK, now that I have THAT off my chest, let's look at THE TERROR. First of all, we get a chance to meet some old friends from earlier Corman films. Dick Miller "Walter" from 1959's A BUCKET OF BLOOD) and Jonathan Haze ("Seymour" from 1960's THE LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS) are both on hand. As is the wonderful Dorothy Neumann whom we first met playing "Meg Maud" in Corman's 1957 take on reincarnation "THE UNDEAD" here playing "Katrina" only THIS time she's not so GOOD a witch being all out for revenge.
ALL of this is great fun for popcorn munching movie fans like yours truly. It's like spotting Richard Sinatra who played "Marty" in Gene Corman's 1959 movie BEAST FROM THE HAUNTED CAVE
waiting for Robert Towne to finish using the one and only pay phone in Roger Corman's THE CREATURE FROM THE HAUNTED SEA (1961).

We love stuff like that.

SECOND...yes Corman is probably using the same set he used in THE RAVEN and probably the same set he used in a LOT of those movies he made in the 60s. These were B Movies. BUDGET movies. There wasn't a lot of money to spend and what they had they had to spend wisely. They re-used sets a lot. "The staircase in the tomb looks awfully familiar...didn't we see that SAME staircase in 1963's THE HAUNTED PALACE"? Probably. But back then we didn't care. We knew when we were watching a Roger Corman movie that there were going to be some chills and some laughs and some just plain GROANERS appropriately distributed and a good time would be had by all.
Young Jack Nicholson was still about a decade away from making his first really cool dramatic film (1970's FIVE EASY PIECES) but you can see flashes of the talent that would make him the megastar he later became.

I like the ending, too. If you didn't understand what was happening try to remember that Sandra Knight's character "Helene" was being possessed by the spirit of a dead girl "Ilsa" and see if you can figure it out NOW.

The FUN of Watching B MOVIES
ALL I'm trying to say here is that movies such as these are not MEANT to be judged by the same standards one uses for the QUALITY productions like CITIZEN KANE or GONE WITH THE WIND or (insert your own title) although even THEY can be enjoyed just AS movies. Who hasn't gotten a kick out of spotting George Reeves (TV's SUPERMAN) trying to make a date for the Barbecue with Scarlett O'Hara in GONE WITH THE WIND???

Who isn't delighted to know that the witch house that "Meg Maud" (Dorothy Newmann) lived in in 1957's THE UNDEAD is a REAL house known (appropriately) as "The Witch's House" and oyu can still see it today on North Walden Drive in Beverly Hills? Or that the house William Castle used for 1959's THE HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL was a real house too and was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and is known as the ENNIS house and sits in Los Angeles just south of Griffith Park. That it can also be seen in BLADE RUNNER and that David Boreanaz's character "Angel" lived in it for a while after his return from one of the hell dimensions in TV's BUFFY, THE VAMPIRE SLAYER? (You can see photos of both places HERE:

THIS is the fun of being a movie fan. The High Art of Critique I leave to others.
Reviewer: lg123 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - June 2, 2007
Subject: .
Reviewer: LaMarr Bruister - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - December 13, 2006
Subject: Excellent!
Another classic from Corman and company!
Reviewer: pdfatts - favoritefavorite - November 7, 2005
Subject: The Terr-ible (as bad as this review title)
its funny to see jack, but this movie is really just for laughs as a poor, poor film. the very end really caps it off, leaving you asking: "what was that?"
Reviewer: Bob Noxious - favoritefavorite - August 24, 2005
Subject: Snake Alley podcast review
Check out the review of The Terror on the "Snake Alley" podcast on Pirate Radio. You can download "Snake Alley" at or you can subscibe to all the podcasts with iTunes... the URL
Not an advertisment... just sharing opioins..
Reviewer: Pazuzu - favorite - August 20, 2005
Subject: Bad effort, no points
Now, don't get me wrong. I like Corman, and he has made some actually pretty compelling films. But this film is simply a bunch of clichÃÂé shots in The Raven's sets. Bad editing due to the hurried nature of the filming really makes this film nearly unwatchable, with horribly bad perfomance by Jack Nicholson as the protagonist!

I watched this film some ten years ago on TV and was disappointed. I watched it again, and was utterly aghast. Not in a good way. There is simply nothing in this film that bares watching, unless you are a masochist.
Reviewer: EdBanky - favoritefavorite - July 17, 2005
Subject: Boring, but not without its merits.
Anything starring Boris Karloff is ok in my book, but Jack N. does not work as film hero. I'm not too sure that he ever got his acting "chops", but he most definitely was without them at this period in his career. This is some of the worst acting I have ever seen.

Karloff does what he can, and Sandra Knight is just plain nice to look at.

I swear Roger Corman uses the same laughably cheapo lightning effect in half his films.
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